This title both reflects and contradicts the content of the film. “…after years in which they were largely ignored outside a dwindling community of enthusiasts” looks at a mixture of ‘craft’ artists at work in their homes/studios. Whilst filming these artists, the majority of them mentioned craft as ‘making a come-back’ and how happy they were that their own work alongside others was becoming more recognised.


Although the film celebrates this so called ‘come-back’ of handmade crafts, materials and art works, this is not however the main focus of the piece. The focus is on the making these artists put into their work.


Each short clip, whether it is handcraft or machine craft footage has a certainty of a beginning and of an end. We are in the present with each object as its being made, perhaps imagining that beginning or end, but never actually seeing it. The sewing, rolling, printing, knitting, burning and weaving seen in the film are all processes I feel somehow become lost when you view a finished piece of work. These processes are what motivates me to capture and document through the use of film.


Through the development of this project, I cannot help but think that the term ‘craft’ and its ‘come back’ is somehow yet another trend to follow. In a fast paced society that just wants a quick fix, do we really appreciate the handmade when we see it? The title for this film specifically focused on Ceramic art in the article, I however felt that the quote poignantly refers to ‘craft’ in general and somewhat ironically pinpoints the fact that these artists are not a ‘dwindling community of enthusiasts’ but just normal artists making and living each process of their work.

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