Marga & Collections - Removing and Building is a project developed by artist Nathalie Hildegarde Liege of Couleurlive Studio- Shrewsbury. It involves the creation of a large stained glass window which will become a permanent artwork for Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery.

The idea was to draw on current museum exhibitions and develop further key themes and influences of the artist (especially 'social sculpture'), via the medium of stained glass. This was to encourage thinking of the Earth and its ethical and spiritual challenges, to capture a public synthesis of past/modern/future environmental quests (like Margaret Rope’s journey from Fine Arts, the social statements of the Arts & Crafts movement to the choice of a monastic life) and to explore how these have, do, and will continue to influence our world.

By creating a memory of this process through “keep realist” visuals created by workshop participants, the final permanent artwork and the documentation of its creations through film, we have captured a shared contemplation of past, present and future and how ideas, choices and actions influence our world.


By engaging with audiences locally and further afield – via talks, exhibitions, presentations, publications, we aimed to promote a wider contemplation and appreciation of historical and contemporary stained glass working.

As part of the Arts Council England funding, the film was submitted for competition in June 2017 to FIFMA - The International Film Festival for Fine Crafts. Unfortunately the film was not accepted for competition, but the two artists will continue to make the project as accessible as possible to the public.

Marga & Collections - Removing and Building: 

November 2016 - May 2017