"KAE Films looks at traditional crafts and their making processes.

 The films include series of short, collage-like clips of making processes with previous films looking into machine and hand-made textiles, ultimately celebrating the hand-made in a digitally driven world. 


The filming creates a series of rhythms and movements. These movements and sounds have a therapeutic quality as you slowly watch an artwork being made. Even though you may not know what is exactly being created, As viewers, you are invited to see only the making process, not the finished product.

KAE Films work is a poignant reminder of educational value and personal fulfilment to be gained from, learning and mastering craft-techniques. Focus on the person and the machine emphasises necessary interaction – the need for both to work together – and contributes subtly to debates concerning the 21st century workplace and its replacement of individuals’ skills by machines."

New Art West Midlands Graduate Show - 2016